Under the rain in Taiwan with a white summer dress



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A lot has happened since I wrapped up school in early May, which I talked about here in my last post. 

For starters, I’ve made quite a few geographic leaps in the last couple of months. First, from Durham to Korea then to Taiwan and now I’ve settled down in New York for the remainder of the summer. I’ve got lots to catch you guys up on. I’ll commence my recap of the past few months by reminiscing of my trip to Taiwan. 

For me, vacationing is half about dealing with the struggles of reality that you didn’t expect when you planned out your “perfect getaway.” I realize this more and more with each trip. 

Taiwan definitely reaffirmed this mantra. 

I was there for about a week and ¾ of my time, it was raining, humid, hot. Simply put, the weather was disgusting. I checked the weather prior to leaving, so I had definitely known the weather would not be ideal… but, the excitement of a vacation instills childish hopes that everything will be fine when I get there. With this mentality, of course I packed for ideal weather and ended up not being able to wear most of my wardrobe. 




This day, I refused to lose to the weather: I wore my white summer dress paired with my new sunglasses and hat. Don’t I look ready for a margarita under the sun? 




The scenic road to Yeh Liu Geo Park

As I entered Yeh Liu Geo Park, I thought the weather was finally on my side. But, a minute into our visit, it started pouring. If you’re ever in Taiwan, please visit this park so I can live vicariously through you. From what I did see from the entrance, the rock formations were unlike anything I had ever seen and it is definitely a must-see! But alas, I did not get to take in the views as much as I wanted to, thanks to the pesky rain.


Little LED lanterns!


Our next stop was Shifen Old Street that surrounds the railroad originally built for transporting coal during the Japanese occupation of Taiwan. I’m sure the town is far from what it used to be as it’s bustling with tourists, but I think it’s definitely worth a visit. You can release paper lanterns here (lanterns were originally used for signaling that it was safe to come back to town during the Japanese rule) and the place holds a quaint small-town feel that you don’t get in Taipei, where I was staying.


The Golden Waterfall that gets its color from copper in the mountains
The coal miner’s lunchbox in Jinguashi


Our trip outside of Taipei continued with stops in the Ruifang District which has the Golden Waterfall and Jinguashi. We concluded the day in the coastal town of Jiufen. Jiufen is beautiful and I recommend the visit, but beware that it WILL BE PACKED! 



Despite the imperfect weather, I enjoyed my time with my family in Taiwan. As much as you want traveling to be nice and effortless, the struggles and unexpected circumstances make traveling so much more memorable and cherishable. 

Today’s outfit: Lancetti Sunglasses, Mill Studio Dress, Aldo Sandals

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